Caerphilly Cheese

Caerphilly, named after the town in Wales where it originated from, as both a flavouring and texture that is that of a Cheddar, hence it being in that family of cheeses. It is a very crumbly cheese, just like Cheshire and Wensleydale cheeses. 

Caerphilly is made from unpasteurised cows’ milk and takes 8 to 14 days to mature. 

Berkswell Cheese

Berkswell cheese is produced using unpasturised ewes’ milk and yet it has the aroma of Goat to it. One unusual fact about the making of this cheese is that the moulds are left in plastic kitchen colanders which enable the cheese to have the shape it does. It is not suitable for vegetarians due to the fact that animal rennet is added in during its production. The best wine to go with this cheese is any sweet wine, to contrast the acidity.