Facts About Cheshire Cheese

  • Made from pasteurised cow’s milk
  • Originates from Cheshire in England.
  • It is a hard dense and crumbly cheese with a mild tangy and milky flavouring.
  • It has a cloth wrapped rind.
  • It is generally white in colour to begin with but yellows as it matures
  • It is suitable for vegetarians
  • Is produced by various dairies throughout the UK

Cheshire Cheese is Britain’s oldest cheese as it is believed to have been produced in Cheshire, by the Romans. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book in the 11th Century. Young Cheshire is bright and white in colour. It is a firm bodied cheese with a crumbly texture that breaks down gently in the mouth.
It has a mild, milky taste and aroma, and is clean and fresh on the palette with a very slightly tangy finish. You can get coloured Cheshire cheese, such as red Cheshire, which gets it colouring from a red vegetable dye Annatto. Despite the difference in colour the taste and texture of the cheese is the same
as the white version.

Cheshire Cheese

a block of Cheshire cheese on a board