Facts About Cerney Pyramid Cheese

  • Made from unpasteurised goat’s milk
  • Originates from The Cotswolds in England.
  • It is a soft goats cheese with a mix of citrus lemon and sweet and flavouring.
  • It has a natural rind.
  • It is white in colour
  • It is suitable for vegetarians
  • Is produced by Lady Isabel Angus at her farm in Cirencester

Cerney Pyramid is a soft goat cheese shaped in a truncated pyramid, hence the name. It is hand-coated with an oakash/seasalt mix, which gives it its black coating. The cheese has a subtle flavour with a hint of a lemony tang. The flavour deepens with age. What makes Cerney Pyramid a great cheese is that tt was one of the original goats cheeses produced in the UK and it won a number of accolades in 2015, including Best Goats Cheese and Super Gold awards at the World Cheese awards.

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Cerney pyramid cheese