soft cheeses

This is a list of all the soft cheeses within our directory. Simply click on the one you want to know about and you will be taken to the relevant information.

Cerney Pyramid Cheese

Cerney Pyramid is a soft goat cheese shaped in a truncated pyramid, hence the name. It is hand-coated with an oakash/seasalt mix, which gives it its black coating. The cheese has a subtle flavour with a hint of a lemony tang. The flavour deepens with age. What makes Cerney Pyramid a great cheese is that tt was one of the original goats cheeses produced in the UK and it won a number of accolades in 2015, including Best Goats Cheese and Super Gold awards at the World Cheese awards.

Bosworth Cheese

Bosworth Goats Cheese also referred to as Bosworth Leaf or Bosworth Ash Log. is an unpasteurised, semi-soft cheese made from goat’s milk. It has a white, crumbly center with a mild, salty-sweet and goat flavouring. 

There is a distinct difference between Bosworth Leaf and Bosworth Ash Log. The first is sold wrapped in a chestnut leaf while Bosworth Ash Log is rolled in salted charcoal underneath a layer of white rind. The cheese is aged for three weeks and has a fat content of 45 per cent. 

Blacksticks Blue Cheese

Blacksticks Blue Cheese is produced by Butlers Farmhouse who are based in Lancashire England.  This tangy cheese has such a soft texture to it that it can be easily spread across whatever you wish to add it to. 

Ageing occurs over eight weeks and is referred to as the “daddy of blue cheeses”.

Beenleigh Blue Cheese

Beenleigh Blue is unique in the fact that it is one of the few blue sheep’s milk cheeses that are produced in the UK. Cylindrical in shape, it has a nice natural rind that is a little sticky with blue and white mould and a white inside that has blue streaks through it.

The flavour has a burnt caramel sweet taste to it and is a great addition if you are drinking Mead, Port, Cabernet Merlot or Sweet Cider.

Ailsa Craig

The cheese is named after the landmark island in the Firth of Clyde. Made from goats milk Ailsa Craig is a fluffy creamy cheese that has been shaped like the rock it is named after. Due to the softness of the cheese it easily melts in your mouth.