sheep cheese

This is a list of all the cheeses within our directory made with Sheep milk. Simply click on the one you want to know about and you will be taken to the relevant information.

Berkswell Cheese

Berkswell cheese is produced using unpasturised ewes’ milk and yet it has the aroma of Goat to it. One unusual fact about the making of this cheese is that the moulds are left in plastic kitchen colanders which enable the cheese to have the shape it does. It is not suitable for vegetarians due to the fact that animal rennet is added in during its production. The best wine to go with this cheese is any sweet wine, to contrast the acidity. 

Beenleigh Blue Cheese

Beenleigh Blue is unique in the fact that it is one of the few blue sheep’s milk cheeses that are produced in the UK. Cylindrical in shape, it has a nice natural rind that is a little sticky with blue and white mould and a white inside that has blue streaks through it.

The flavour has a burnt caramel sweet taste to it and is a great addition if you are drinking Mead, Port, Cabernet Merlot or Sweet Cider.